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A window of opportunity

A window of opportunity: Bernd Spalt, CEO of Erste Bank Group, on a brighter future for the region

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As the Eastern Part of the EU continues to deal with the impact of Covid-19, new EU funds and an economic rebound offer the promise of a much brighter future.

“The dynamics economically have never been better than now,” says Bernd Spalt, CEO at Erste Bank Group. “There’s a lot to be done in terms of developing a culture that invests in capital market products, that invests in securities.”

But the opportunities for banks to play a role in a prosperous recovery extend well beyond the economy, Spalt says. “If you want to be economically successful as a larger player, then you have to demonstrate that you are a meaningful and socially acceptable corporate citizen.”

Listen in to hear more of Spalt’s insights as he joins Longitude’s editor-in-chief, Sean Kearns, to discuss what the CEE region can do to reinvent its economies and the role of banks and policymakers in driving that change.